February 20, 2024

Nourished by Time - "Hand on Me"

Following last year's excellent album Erotic Probiotic 2, Baltimore's Nourished by Time has announced a new EP and shared the buoyant new song, "Hand on Me."

Taking neon-soaked synths and an underlying love of 90's R&B beats, Nourished by Time has arrived on the scene with a fully-realized sound that comes across as much as a tribute to a genre's heyday as it does a new, resounding take on sonic tones that can often feel rehashed and outdated. His voice croons with an angelic flair as soft beats take shape below his glowing rhymes, rapping and singing with pulsing passion as electrified rhythms help bring the song into a more singular vision. With just over a minute to go, the song hits overdrive as the synths take over with stunning clarity, cracking the track wide open and allowing Nourished by Time to take things to the next level with sparkling fashion. It's a marriage of bedroom pop with the sensational grooves of dancefloor R&B that gives it a unique twist while feeling instantly nostalgic as well as wickedly fresh. Having recently signed with XL Recordings, the trajectory of the songwriter's career is set to hit new heights and with songs as strong as this one, it won't be a surprise to see his name rise amongst festival posters and bigger venues as the year moves along. 

Catching Chickens is out March 22.

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