February 2, 2024

Burial - "Dreamfear" / "Boy Sent From Above"

After announcing that he'd signed to XL Recordings earlier in the year, Burial has returned with two new songs, "Dreamfear" and "Boy Sent From Above."

A teaser video released at the beginning of January hinted that the elusive electronic artist had signed with XL Recordings, leaving his long-time home on Hyperdub. Shortly after, white label 12" singles appeared in select independent record stores in the US and Europe (possibly elsewhere too) and it was soon announced that there'd be an official release of these tracks on February 9. Well, a week ahead of schedule, Burial has made the songs available online (physical editions are still due next week). The two songs clock-in at nearly half an hour and each one elevates the artist's sound like we haven't heard in quite some time. Burial is known for creating minimal ambient drones of scratched samples that can distill into the ether, leaving haunting vibes in their wake. On the other side of the coin, he can also create stunning electro-numbers in the style of classic UK Garage and early Dubstep, leading the way as one of the most compelling artists in his genre from the past twenty-five years. His two new tunes for XL lean more into the hard-hitting beats and reach new heights that incorporate more elements of techno and club-ready bangers for some of his most mind-bending work to date. Halfway through "Dreamfear" he switches the beat on us, taking the track in an entirely new direction in a move we don't often see from him. "Boy Sent From Above" features a morphed vocal sample that we've heard from him before (it also gives the song its title) and once again moves at warp-speed, turning things on its head with every twist and turn. 

"Dreamfear" and "Boy Sent From Above" are out now, digitally, and out physically next week.

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