February 23, 2024

Cakes da Killa - "Do Dat Baby" (ft Dawn Richard)

Following last month's announcement of a new album, Cakes da Killa has shared the excellent second single, "Do Dat Baby," which features a guest spot from Dawn Richard.

New York rapper Cakes da Killa blurs the lines between hip-hop, house, and funk better than most and on his latest single, he brings Dawn Richard into the mix and elevates his sound to an all-time career high. Bouncing rhythms and glorious funkified grooves are pushed to the max on "Do Dat Baby" and it's nearly impossible to sit still as the track takes things to the extreme, providing the ultimate party vibes that will surely keep you moving all night long. It's a banging track that's full of energy and nothing but good times, bringing flash and a splash of glam to the underground. "'Do Dat Baby' is a sensual track that makes me feel like an early 2000s video vixen; the blueprint to everything that's fabulous," Cakes da Killa said in a statement. "I'm super excited Dawn agreed to hop on the record. She's an artist I've watched since the beginning and I'm still pinching myself." Seeing the excitement that stems from both artists makes the appeal all that more thrilling and adds to the joyous nature that already permeates from the track. "I've been excited about the new wave of artists in house and underground dance," Richard added. "Cakes is an energy you can't pass up and the record is the party you want to be invited to." It's a party for sure and this one will surely have you raging until the sun comes up or until the lights finally come on in the club.

Black Sheep is out March 22.

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