June 7, 2017

Sheer Mag - "Need to Feel Your Love"

Sheer Mag, the righteously rockin' band from Philadelphia, are set to release their debut full-length record, Need to Feel Your Love, on July 14.

Following a string of three kick-add EPs, Sheer Mag are finally releasing their first proper album. After sharing the lead single "Just Can't Get Enough", the band have now shared the title track of the album. It's not quite the in-your-face punk rock anthem many have come to expect from the band, but instead a more radio-friendly ripper that still screams maximum rock and roll. When discussing the record, lead singer Tina Halladay shared the following statement:

"“Need to Feel Your Love” is about '[w]hen you get to the point of a romantic relationship and you feel as if you have done everything to give that person a chance to make the most out of it and you are at the breaking point and you NEED them to do something more, even if you don’t exactly know that is.'"

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