November 19, 2016

Sheer Mag played Brooklyn Bazaar

Sheer Mag blazed through Brooklyn Bazaar bringing their heavy dose of high voltage rock and roll and power anthems to a frenzied crowd.

The quintet bring the glory of classic rock and high flying guitar solos to the DIY ethics of punk. Their songs are super charged, full of energy and Christina Halladay brings her powerful vocals and smart songwriting to the mix creating a blast of joy. Their three EPs in the past three years are three tight pieces that exude pure pleasure with a slight political view that reels in their punk roots. It'd be no surprise to hear these tracks blasting from an auto-body shop or a crusty dive bar and in either case, Sheer Mag would surely uplift the mood. Their music is an instant party and their live show brings these feelings to the flesh. As the band kicks things off with some tight jams, Halladay slowly makes her way to the front before the band kicks into high gear and the crowd starts to move. They're party music in every sense, but their skills at throwing in important political prose is perhaps their greatest accomplishment. Sure, there are plenty of bands that can improve a mood or get people on their feet with their high octane dose of rock music, but Sheer Mag do it while reminding everyone that the world is really in a tough place. "We just elected a racist as our President. We need to be there and stand-up for each other. Take care of each other!" demanded Halladay before the band jumped into "Can't Stop Fighting" their best track to date and one that feels even more important than it did just last week. A song about the violence against working class women who have disappeared and whose murders remain unsolved, it's a call to action and an amazing piece in the anti-establishment of the punk rock cannon. They're fearless with their words and while their music is most often the front and center of their style, it's impossible to ignore their importance in the uprising and hopefulness that has shaped punk from its beginning. Their ability to highlight the essence and spirit of rock and roll is their key to success and if they keep on this path it seems like only a matter of time before they take on larger stages at festivals across the county. In such uncertain and troubled times, Sheer Mag are a new voice for the people and voice that will not remain silent.

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