November 2, 2016

Japandroids - "Near To The Wild Heart of Life"

It's been almost five years since Japandroids released their acclaimed second record, Celebration Rock, and on January 27th, the duo returns with Near To The Wild Heart of Life via ANTI-.

Japandroids are back and ready to give rock and roll a much needed shot of adrenaline with their new single "Near To The Wild Heart of Life". It's an instant classic Japandroids track full of blown-out guitars, cheesy lyrics, and relentless pop-punk enthusiasm. While the band says they've been settling into their older age as of late, taking more inspiration from Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt than their notable punk past, this track still screams with the urgency of 100 kids packed in a basement ready to release all of their teenage angst in a sweltering mosh pit. This is no game changer, but it's a much needed cry to the heavens and a victorious roar from a band with their eyes set on a full raging return to form.

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