August 19, 2015

Deafheaven - "Brought to the Water"

The almighty Deafheaven have returned with New Bermuda, the heavily anticipated follow-up to 2013's magnificent Sunbather, and they've shared the lead single "Brought to the Water".

Deafheaven don't do songs, they do epic anthems that crash like thunder. Pummeling riffs and lightning drum fills surge with a take no prisoners attitude. The lead single and first track off their new album is a firecracker and while the shoegaze guitar tones don't immediately grab the attention like they did on "Dream House", the band's inventive style still holds true. Black metal sonics explode with such intensity that the magnitude of the song can barely contain itself before rupturing in piano bliss. This time around, Deafheaven are reaching for the rafters, channeling 90's alt-rock (and pop!) while still retaining their pitch black core.

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