June 15, 2015

Run the Jewels played 50 Kent

Just as the rain began to fall, the illustrious Run the Jewels took to the stage for the final night of Williamsburg's Northside Festival.

Playing to a large crowd with a glowing New York City skyline behind them, Killer Mike and El-P ran through a melee of tracks from their fantastic two albums. Hands were in the air and massive shout a longs peppered their set as El-P basked in a glorious hometown return. "This is the culmination of my entire career right here" he proclaimed before pushing everything to the absolute limit and doing his hometown solid justice. Even as they work on the highly anticipated RTJ 3 (and the Meow the Jewels remix) the duo have been trekking across the globe delivering their hits to the masses. The numbers may claim Kanye, Drake, and Kendrick as the biggest names in the game, but the energy and style of Jaime and Mike show that these guys are the real unsung heroes. Backed only by a DJ and their now iconic logo, RTJ don't rely on dazzling settings and exotic themes, they simply blaze through their hits spitting fire rhymes and wise words. On stage, they exuded pure joy, embracing each other and giving each other major props for being nothing short of legends. Of course tracks like "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)", "Blockbuster Night Part 1", and "Lie, Cheat, Steal" were huge show stoppers and got the largest responses of the night, but to make the event extra special, there were no shortages of guest appearance. Gangsta Boo came out to drop her stunning verse on "Love Again (Akinyele Back)" and Nas raged as he declared them "the most politically minded group in the game ever" before running through "Made You Look". As the rain began to pick up, chants of "RTJ" still rang out, not giving in to the weather or noise curfew. "They're telling us we only have 2 minutes" yelled El-P "and we're gonna use 'em!" The duo then banged out "Angel Dust" and burned Brooklyn to the ground, just as they had promised.

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