September 13, 2012

Chelsea Light Moving played 285 Kent

Remember no-wave? That awesome blend of post-punk/college rock/noise that emerged in the mid 1980s and was pioneered by that band Sonic Youth? Well, much to the disappointment of many indie music fans, that band went on an indefinite hiatus last year when leaders Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon divorced after 27 years of marriage. While there is no sign of seeing these titans grace the stage together anytime soon, there is some light up ahead! Thurston Moore has assembled a new band called Chelsea Light Moving and they make music that sounds a lot like the kind of music you would hope a former member of Sonic Youth would make if he were to start a new band and make music. Ear splitting bursts of guitar filled 285 Kent (part of a benefit for Tom Carter) as Thurston and company powered through material despite not even releasing a debut record. For those never able to see Sonic Youth in their prime years, this show was a special treat. The D.I.Y. ethos behind the Brooklyn venue seemed to be a perfect match for this punk luminary. It was everything you would hope from the noise legend and the show really proved just how influential this man is on the current state of indie rock. Gut wrenching guitar squeals were met with a thudding rhythm section, soul crushing feedback, distorted lo-fi textures and with no banter between tracks, the attention was all on the songs. While each member of the band certainly held their own, the night (and band) clearly belong to the beloved Mr. Moore. Thurston's fingers slithered up and down the guitar neck in such a frantic manner, yet the cacophony resulted in perfect fuzzed out bliss. His display of abrasive atonal sounds were nothing short of thrilling and if there was any doubt about the musical state of Thurston Moore beyond Sonic Youth, Chelsea Light Moving will let the music speak for itself.

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