April 27, 2012

WU LYF played Music Hall of Williamsburg

Fresh off of back-to-back weekends at Coachella, Manchester's WU LYF stormed Brooklyn for rousing renditions of highlights from their excellent debut Go Tell Fire to the Mountain. By now, the mash-up comparison or Wolf Parade meets Explosions in the Sky may be getting redundant (hey, if you can think of something better let me know), but the guitars tonight certainly did their best to rival the post-rock legends and the accompanying howls ricocheted off the walls of the venue. While the band was limited to brief material (this is why bands with one album get overplayed and burnt out too fast), they still poured endless energy into each track and believe it or not, the growling vocals from a visceral Ellery Roberts continued beyond the songs and into the chatter setting an even deep tone to the show. "Spitting Blood" and "Concrete Gold" were delivered without a hitch, and a stellar "Heavy Pop" brought the main set to a close before the band returned for a laid back "Brooklyn Girls" and a night ending thunderous execution of "We Bros". The crowd responded with, at times surprising and unwanted, vigor and echoed along in the band's chants. Having few enough tunes to be able to play every wanted jam, there was little room for disappointment, but many in the past have not been able to hold up to the hype. World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation did not unleash a life changing performance, and albeit they brought they were followed by some over joyous fans, and still their admiration and ability to bring some yells into a pop mix are without question worth the indulgence.

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