April 10, 2012

Death Grips - "I've Seen Footage"

Hardcore hip-hop act Death Grips will release their debut album The Money Store on April 24th as a follow-up to last year's Exmilitary mix-tape (no, I don't know the difference between an album and a mix-tape either). Check out the first single "I've Seen Footage", which points the group in a retro-80's workout direction (think Salt N Pepa / Run-DMC) below, via Tiny Mix Tapes.

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Kevin Corcoran Jr said...

man! the death grips are on point right now. best new track on pitchfork? hell yeah! i just pre-ordered my copy of the new album… you should do the same haha. No but seriously, this group is going to resurrect hyped up rap music! the kind of tracks that you blast in your headphones just before going out to the clubs… or going out onto the field. either way, april 24th is going to be a good day!