March 4, 2012

Widowspeak played Glasslands

Retro dream-pop sensations Widowspeak packed Glasslands last night for a hometown thriller and expanded their lineup to four, as they were joined by bass played Pamela Garavano-Coolbaugh, and oozed their way through a great set of soft, slow burning songs. The always gorgeous Molly Hamilton led the quintet with her forever compared Hope Sandoval-esque voice and ethereal guitar tones that should really be exemplified for their true unique beauty. Despite Glasslands' soft tones, the band was still able to propel beauty and grace through their elegant tracks of blissful guitar melodies and simple rhythms. Favorites from their debut record "In the Pines" and "Puritan" were paired with world debuting new tracks that retain the same poised allure that makes the band so endearing. With full smiles in tact throughout the show, the band's pure joy easily transfered to the mesmerized crowd and set a euphoric tone for the entire evening. The group's charm is the heart of what they do as their tracks are not overly complex and Hamilton's voice can sometimes seem to be barely above a whisper, yet it is the delicate finesse that makes the tracks worth coming back to for repeated listens. "Harsh Realm" closed out the evening of fantastic celestial tunes as the band bashfully thanked all for coming.

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