March 8, 2012

The Men played 285 Kent

Brooklyn noise/hardcore/punk quartet the Men packed 285 Kent to the brim as they unleashed some sonic fury for the record release show of their rocking new album Open Your Heart. The night exploded with the epic assault of "Turn It Around", "Open Your Heart", and Leave Home standout "Bataille" before heading into an annihilating drone jam. While the Men, are not breaking ground with a unique sound (hell, "Turn It Around" is almost a copy and paste tribute to Stiff Little Finger's "Suspect Device) their ability to combine thrashing classic riffs, ear bleeding guitar solos, and pulsating drum fills brings out an intensity lost on most bands. The raw rage built to such intensity through the opening tracks and strengthened the hostility of the crowd that as the set wore on, fists and beers were sent flying. Perhaps it might have been best to save one of their most aggressive and exuberant songs for the finale, instead of kicking things off with such a gigantic thrust of sound, but the Men have now proven that their ability to rock out leaves no room for questions.

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