March 16, 2012

Squarepusher played Webster Hall

Squarepusher descended upon Manhattan's Webster Hall for his first American appearance in over six years and one of only two shows scheduled in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. Standing dead center stage, Jenkinson was backed by a wall, surrounded by a force field, and donned a helmet that would make Daft Punk envious, all of which were comprised entirely of LEDs and dispensed mind bending visuals to accompany the deafening volume of sound produced by the electronic mastermind. Presenting his unique fusion of classic kraut-y electronica, drum n bass, and acid jazz, Jenkinson appeared sans bass and yet he was still able to rattle Webster and raise the volume to My Bloody Valentine levels of extreme all while only showing a simple smile between jams. As the man dazzling the crowd was hard at work, many fans found it hard to resist the urge to capture photos and videos of this rare electric performance, but after just over an hour Jenkinson left the stage while shouts for "more bass" were left only with the echo of the house music as the relatively short set came to a somewhat abrupt end.

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