June 30, 2009

Dinosaur Jr. Played Music Hall of Williamsburg

While many were out mourning the beloved King of Pop, Fareed and I headed to Brooklyn to endure one of the loudest show of our lives. We made excellent time and only missed the beginning of the Screaming Females set. This band has soared to new popularity in the past months as they have grown from a New Jersey basement band to opening shows for the Dead Weather. Fareed was highly anticipating their set and I was unfamiliar with their work, but was hooked by the time they slumped off stage. The thrio brought grunge (Fareed made an imediate Nirvana relation) and alt. rock to modern times and were a great set up for Dinosaur Jr. The lead singer thrashed the guitar and jolted around stage in true rock form. Her skills were fully displayed in a sense that almost equalled Sir J Masics himself. As Dinosaur Jr. took to the stage I was anxious as the epic erray of Marshall stacks loomed over the stage. As soon as they plugged in, the fuzz soared and the guys never looked back. They plowed through their entire catalouge and did so with every sense of ease. This is what they were made to do; come to the stage and bring the rock without any cause for concern what so ever. Just turn the amps up to 11 and never stop. Not even for a request of "Billie Jean."

I Want You to Know
Imagination Blind
Pick Me Up
Out There
Feel the Pain
Over It
Back to Your Heart
Forget the Swan
Freak Scene
Been There All the Time

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