December 5, 2006

Yes this blog is still active. I have just been really busy with school and being at home for Thanksgiving that I have not had a chance to do much worth writing about. Anyway...

On Sunday night I ventured down to the Bowery Ballroom for Straylight Run. I went alone since the people I had planned on going with had some sudden things come up and were unable to attend. The venue was a pretty nice place, lots of open room and a balcony upstairs. The opening acts were pretty good even though I did not know any of them. Streets To Nowhere were first and they were a young pop-punk band from San Francisco. They were ok. Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band went next. This was the first time on the tour that Kevin played with a whole band so it was pretty cool to see them. He was actually really good. Matt Pond PA went third and I really liked them. I know most people have heard them before but I have never really gotten into them, not for any particular reason, so I was really excited to see that they were really good. Straylight Run closed the show and I thought they were amazing. Their set was longer then when I saw them with Scott at the Knitting Factory so I got to hear even more songs this time. The new stuff sounded better a second time around so I actually have some hope for the next record. I got super close again and I even met the "confetti girls" who once again pleasured the crowed with the addition of confetti during "Existensialism on Prom Night." The band did really great acoustic versions of "Dignity and Money" as well as "Your Name Here (Sunrise Highway)." After the show ended I stuck around for a while downstaris and got to see all the guys from Matt Pond hanging out in the lounge afterwards. Then as I was leaving I walked back upstairs to find Straylight in a group talking to some people. I knew I couldn't pass this up so I went over and talked to Michelle Nolan and Shaun Cooper for a few minutes. Holy Shit this made my night. I told them what a big fan I am of their music and that I've been listening to them for years, John and Shaun for even longer especially. Shaun started laughing at this point. So yeah it was a great show and the band was super nice, so I thank them for sticking around and talking to me after. It really meant a lot.

Matt Pond PA upclose and personal.

They're what made Taking Back Sunday so great.

I tried to take a picture of the band with confetti, but it did not really come out.

Since youtube is being a bitch and won't let me embed this.

That's all for now. Brand New concert on Friday, more to come from that.

Keep it scene in the city!

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Anonymous said...

so, i'm pretty sure the lead singer from Matt Pond wore that same shirt at the concert we saw...and that's really gross cuz he sweats a lot!