December 11, 2006

On Friday night I did something that I have been waiting to do since freshmen year of high school. I saw Brand New in concert. Ashli and I headed to Madison Square Garden on Friday night for Brand New and Dashboard Confessional. While I guess I am a Dashboard fan, we were primarily there to see Brand New.
When the band went on at 7:30 we were pretty much the happiest people in the world. The set started with old favorites from their first two albums, followed by four new songs and one final oldie. In short the band had so much energy and looked as if they were having the times of their lives on that stage. Something I haven't seen in live shows in quite some time. The set however was pretty short and our seats were too far away to feel anything from the band. I guess in all we were a little disappointed that we did not get to hear our favorites, but the show was still excellent and I have no regrets in going. Dashboard came on a little while after and I must say I have never felt so old at a show. The people around us were 15 and talked about high school in between the sets. They were really excited that they did not get carded when they bought cigarettes and had a fake I.D. so they could buy beer... and then drink it through a straw. Basically I will no longer give Nick Serpe crap about the time in 7th grade when he saw Dashboard. This crowd was mainly 18,000 teenage girls all dressed head to toe in Abercrombie and Hollister. I just couldn't take it seriously. Things really have changed, especially since Chris Carrabba spent most of the night just singing and running around the stage occasionally stopping to actually play guitar. It was just a weird experience. We found out that the show was actually being taped for a P.B.S. concert so I guess I felt that Chris was putting on a front for the camera. Oh well the night was still fun.
However I will give a shout out to Scott who saw the show the following night in Lowell, MA. Scott actually got to meet Brand New afterwards and he says they are pretty nice guys, which is always nice to hear. Oh and they are doing a headlining tour in March.
If anyone is interested Rolling Stone did a review of the NYC show and you can read it here.
I'm leaving New York for winter break in a week so I'm not sure what is going to happen between now and then since I have finals in all. So if this is my last update until I return to school at the end of January; Happy Holidays to everyone and have an awesome New Year.

Keep it scene in the city!

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