January 9, 2024

Waxahatchee - "Right Back to It" (ft MJ Lenderman)

Katie Crutchfeld, best known as Waxahatchee, has announced her highly-anticipated new album, Tigers Blood, and shared the lovely new single "Right Back to It" as well.

It's been nearly four years since Waxahatchee dropped her incredible album Saint Cloud (my second favorite of 2020) and as her popularity has soared in the years since, so has the hype around her follow-up record. While her last album was far from her debut, it certainly launched her career into a new stratosphere and added a plethora of adoring fans to her following as well. Now she's returned and for the record's first single, she has enlisted indie rock's new guitar torchbearer, MJ Lenderman to help bring the song into pristine form.  When speaking about the song, Crutchfield stated “I’m really interested in writing love songs that are gritty and unromantic. I wanted to make a song about the ebb and flow of a longtime love story. I thought it might feel untraditional but a little more in alignment with my experience to write about feeling insecure or foiled in some way internally, but always finding your way back to a newness or an intimacy with the same person.” With stunning details, Crutchfield leaves nothing to chance, whether it's the plucking of bjano strings, a soft hit on the snare, Lenderman's slow and steady guitar, or the way their voices balance each other out in blissful harmony, MJ sitting right under Katie's piercing lilt and touching twang. There can often be a strange feeling of reuniting or coming back to something you love after a decent stretch of time apart, but the best relationships always prove that they can weather the storms and outlast the tests of time like nothing has passed at all. In other words, they just get right back to it.

Tigers Blood is out March 22.

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