January 18, 2024

Jlin - "The Precision of Infinity" (ft Philip Glass)

Following last year's Perspective mini-album, Jlin has announced a new full-length record, Akoma, with a stellar list of guest artists.

Hailing from Indiana, electronic producer Jlin started off making beats that resembled abstract footwork music and over time, her music has shifted to more experimental sounds without losing any of the originality that made her work so intriguing in the first place. On her new album, Jlin looks to up the ante ever further with guests like Björk and the Kronos Quartet. The album's lead single, "The Precision of Infinity," is actually the final track on the record and was one of two tracks written with esteemed composer Philip Glass. Jlin's frentetic drum beats are as propulsive as ever, driving the rhythm to total chaos while Glass' piano provides a cool undercurrent. It's a rather unlikely pairing, but that is what makes it feel so special. Despite the odds at hand, the two realms of music fit together like a head-spinning puzzle where the pieces fall wonderfully into place. The bells and whistles sizzle here and Jlin's programming seems to go harder than ever, allowing Glass' soft and invigorating key strokes to aid like a balm in the midst of a grudge match.

Akoma is out March 22.

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