December 4, 2019

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - "Texas Sun"

Khruangbin and Leon Bridges are both artists hailing from Texas. Next year, they'll release a joint EP called Texas Sun, but first they've shared the title track via Dead Oceans.

"Texas Sun" is a soft, crooning song featuring Bridges on vocals and Khruangbin behind him on breezy instrumentals. It's got a bit of a country twang to it, but stills feels sharp, perfect for riding off into the sunset and a true sum of its parts. “We try not to have too much of an intention, because it gets in the way of what the music wants to do,” said Khruangbin bassist Laura Lee in a statement. “If you just let the music do what it’s supposed to do, it will reveal itself. We tried to take that same approach with Leon. For us, it was opening up our world to have another person in it. But all of it feels like Texas to me.”

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