December 11, 2018

American Football - Silhouettes

American Football have announced a new record. The follow-up to 2016's second self-titled reunion record is once again called American Football and it's out March 26 via Polyvinyl.

American Football never needed to release a second record. Their first album and companion EP were enough to make a lasting impression on emo music and post-rock for nearly two decades. However, with a better than anticipated second album picking up where their debut left off, another new release from the band actually feels exciting. "We put a lot of time and a lot of energy into it," says lead singer Mike Kinsella. "We were all thoughtful about what we wanted to put out there. Last time, it was figuring out how to use all of our different arms. This time, we were like – Ok we have these arms, let’s use them." The first single, "Silhouettes," starts with a bit of something new for the band. Slight electronics lead to the inevitable twinkling guitar and the unmistakable vocals of Mike Kinsella, but for just a moment, the band explores a bit of new territory. Featuring Paramore’s Hayley Williams, Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell, and Land of Talk’s Elizabeth Powell, it seems as if the band are finally pushing past their groove to some uncharted grounds that set the stage for more excitement and another great record.

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