June 12, 2018

Deafheaven - "Canary Yellow"

Following the epic "Honeycomb," Deafheaven have shared the second single from their upcoming record Ordinary Corrupt Human Love out July 13 via ANTI-.

Clocking in at over 12 minutes, "Canary Yellow" is another prime example of Deafheaven pushing their limits to new heights and further corners of their musical palette. Beginning with a steady, lock-step rhythm, the track follows a meditative post-rock structure before gaining serious momentum and morphing into pure chaos. Over the course of the song, the band twists along tight-knit grooves that really highlight their incredible range and dexterity. Drums rattle with jackhammer-like force as roaring guitar solos harken back to '90s alt-rock glory and beautifully come together for moments of extreme bliss. It's totally sublime. A wondrous combination of thunderous screams, blasting drums, and euphoric bursts of guitars that culminate with a full-blown chorus echoing George Clarke's manic howl. It's another incredible step forward for a band that's already so progressive in their approach to extreme music and one that propels them forward towards a status all their own.

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