December 8, 2017

Kelly Lee Owens - "More Than A Woman"

This past March, Kelly Lee Owens dropped her self-titled debut record. To close out the year, she shared a cover of Aaliyah's timeless classic, "More Than A Woman."

One of the best debuts of the year, Owens' record is a stunning example of exquisite dream-pop and ambient-techno that creates a full-body high of pure moods. It's a lush album composed of rich sonic textures and Owens' glossy vocals, so it feels like a real treat to hear her touching take on Aaliyah's magical track. Capturing the essence of the song, Owens adds her special touch to give a fresh spin on a song that never needed to be tweaked in the first place. Still, Owens pays tribute with the utmost respect and delivers a firm finish to an impressive year.

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