May 15, 2017

Broken Social Scene - "Hug of Thunder"

Following 2010's great Forgiveness Rock Record, Broken Social Scene are finally set to release their first record in seven years. The album is called Hug of Thunder and it's out July 7.

Having already shared their first comeback single, "Halfway Home", Broken Social Scene have now released the title track from their new album. Featuring Feist on lead vocals, the evocative track is a hallmark to the band's glorious past. It's a lush, nostalgic tune that longs for the mid-aughts and yet still feels like a breath of fresh air. An electric drum anchors the song while spindling guitars ruminate around Feist's delicate lyrics, slowly building a steady glow until the middle of the track when everything suddenly comes into full bloom. The song bodes well for the band's return and continues to blur the line between post-rock and glimmering indie-rock that made their past work such defining statements.

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