August 27, 2016

Sannhet played Alphaville

Sannhet, Brooklyn's best band (metal or otherwise), played Alphaville and blasted through some old favorites and new highlights.

On the outside, people will most likely call Sannhet a metal band. That's not untrue, but does a real disservice to the band as they're so much more than that. Taking cues from post-rock, space-rock, noise, and some general indie-rock as well, Sannhet unleash a fury that they can brilliantly harness while still showcasing spellbinding feats of adrenaline pumping, blackened mayhem. They're a tight unite that operates in great unity, each member of the band performing carefully calculated moments that swell together for brutal, but never over-the-top tracks. In fact, it's a bit strange to realize that the majority of their songs clock in under or around five minutes. When presented on record, or better yet in your face, it can feel momentous and epic, as if the music stretched on infinitely like Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai. Yet, each track is structured perfectly and when combined with the band's phenomenal light show, everything feels larger than life. Just like post-rock of the past, the band can take a sinister turn really quickly and pivot from building rhythms to thrashing riffs at the drop of a hat. "Probably not gonna make much money from this" - yes, that's line from Beyoncé, but Sannhet follow the same ethos. They didn't start the band to become metal titans, but more so to let out some frustration and pent-up aggression. They still play intimate venues and they don't do country spanning treks to promote last year's excellent Revisionist, but none of that prevents the band from making each show feel as if they're playing for the masses in sports arenas. The band bring their own light show every time and with Christopher Todd sitting front and center keeping the band in perfect time, the guitar and bass unload a mass of energy that propels the band to staggering heights. The new tracks thrown into the mix also brought out new elements that were more melodic than anything the band has done before and almost caused the crowd to sway in rhythm and not just head band along to the ferocious tunes. It was an all encompassing show and highlighted the continuous improvement the band has already been making over the past few years. If these trends continue, the band could actually transform into a career and make them not only the best band in Brooklyn, but New York and the country as well.

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