August 16, 2016

Preoccupations - "Degraded"

Earlier this summer, Preoccupations announced their new self-titled record due September 26 via Jagjaguwar. After sharing lead single "Anxiety", the band is back with another new one called "Degraded".

Preoccupations are following the trends they set forth back when they were still called Viet Cong. On their upcoming record, the quartet uncoil spiraling, angular guitars from tightly wound drum beats for an urgent and calculated post-punk sound. Directed by Valentina Tapia, the "video offers an encounter with the primordial ruins of a post-human landscape, where sentient sculptural artifacts attempt to reassemble themselves piece by piece. Unidentified abstracted organisms carry on and thrive in a terrain that’s begun to settle back into itself, as rendered in scenes of mixed digital and painted 2D and 3D animation."

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