September 6, 2013

No Age played Music Hall of Williamsburg

"Wash away what we create" Dean Spunt shouts on No Age's "Teen Creeps", a stunning (and already classic) track from the duo's first true full-length, Nouns. And with walls of noise crashing like waves over the crowd, that is exactly what the band accomplished. No Age powered through a high energy set and unleashed an absolute audio assault on Brooklyn. Featuring a medley of songs ranging from their early compilation Weirdo Rippers to the recently released An Object, Spunt and guitarist Randy Randall tore through heavy feedback and blistering riffs that rattled Music Hall of Williamsburg. Thunderous drums and shrieking guitars were enough to make anyone's ears bleed. Their unique blend of harsh noise rooted in hardcore punk was captivating. While An Object may fall flat on recording, the songs burst at the seams and soared to new heights in a live setting and added great textures to the setlist. The new songs freed Dean from behind the drum kit and added a great dynamic of dissonant and pulsating drones that allowed the two men to stand side-by-side and really enforce the power of their anthems. Even though the new tunes held their own, it was fan favorites like "Every Artist Needs a Tragedy", "Sleeper Hold" and "Fever Dreaming" that sent the night over the top. "I won't end up, like them at all" Spunt continues and, again, he is correct. While the band might have surprised some with the direction and lack of force behind their latest record, they're still far and away unlike any other duo blending noise and melody. Everyone else can just keep on dreaming.

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