January 29, 2012

Real Estate played K & K Super Buffet

After an explosive set from noise jam masters Black Dice, New Jersey's Real Estate took to the stage to close out an exhausting night of great music all set in the middle of an exotic Chinese restaurant. They kicked things off with "Green Aisles" and then dove straight into a new tune and played a perfectly balanced set of warm sunny songs taken from both of the band's two great records. While live renditions of their newest tracks really sparkled in a live setting, the sometimes triple guitar sounded so much richer and really allowed for the band to stretch their talents, it was their older tunes that really got the crowd moving. "Beach Comber" sent the crowd into swaying bliss and "It's Real" really took things over the edge. The breezy melodies and flowing rhythms seemed to already have a classic feel and the band cruised through each track as if they have been playing them for years; their effortless riffs floating off into the night.

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