September 25, 2011

Fleet Foxes played the Williamsburg Waterfront

After witnessing the best way to see the Walkmen (gorgeous orange-lit skies over Manhattan and golden glows back-lighting the band), according to Robin Pecknold, Fleet Foxes gathered on stage to begin a triumphant set that covered nearly every song in the band's catalog. The evening kicked off with "The Plans / Bitter Dancer" before a well received "Mykonos" in which the band displayed their epic vocal powers and supreme melodies. The band left nothing behind as they churned out fantastic displays from both their notable self-titled debut and the likely to be album of the year, Helplessness Blues. With true grace, the band delivered majestic vocals and autumnal lighting added extra warmth to their beautiful tunes. The marching rhythm of "Battery Kinzie" and mesmerizing vocals of the 1-2 punch "White Winter Hymnal" -> "Ragged Wood" segue delighted the crowed allowing for massive vocal response that was no match for the elegance of Fleet Foxes. Witty banter rose between songs, J. Tillman really likes brunch it turns out, and showed a less serious side of the band which transitioned to serious concentration for each flawless song of the evening. The band ended the main set in the same fashion of their brilliant sophomore display, stunning vocals ended the evening in the true spirit of the band. While many contemporary bands are trying to make vocal harmonies in spirit of the Beach Boys, this band has invented a whole new approach making them classics in their own write. Robin graced the stage for a solo track to kick off the encore before finishing the evening with a rousing rendition of "Helplessness Blues". The band was in stunning form last evening bringing summer to an end and ushering in autumn in the most appropriate way.

Set List:
1. The Plans / Bitter Dancer
2. Mykonos
3. English House
4. Battery Kinzie
5. Bedouin Dress
6. Sim Sala Bim
7. Your Protector
8. White Winter Hymnal
9. Ragged Wood
10. Montezuma
11. Lorelai
12. He Doesn't Know Why
13. The Shrine / An Argument
14. Blue Spotted Tail
15. Grown Ocean
16. I Let You
17. Sun Also Rises
18. Blue Ridge Mountains
19. Helplessness Blues

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