June 24, 2011

Dinosaur Jr. played Bug at Terminal 5

After a rather enthralling interview conducted by Henry Rollins, in which the band discussed their early influences, recordings, shows, and other general happenings in the late 1980s punk scene, Dinosaur Jr. retreated backstage before the lights dimmed. When they returned, J Mascis claimed it was a bit awkward to start the night with "Freak Scene" and instead ripped through "In a Jar" and the best non-Barlow track "The Wagon". From there on in, it was Bug from start to finish. Mascis and Co. tore away through each track as if the album was released yesterday, playing with such intensity lost among current bands let alone other actual dinosaurs of their age. Dwarfed by three Marshall stacks, J Mascis shredded away at his guitar rivaling sonic tendencies of Air Force jets. The soaring solos were balanced with thunderous rhythm as Murph punched away on the skins and Lou Barlow's mudded bass sent waves of fuzz through the room. Normally bands of Dinosaur Jr.'s nature (in the loud noisy sense as not too many bands actually match the musical level of these titans) face trouble in the box that is Terminal 5, however these guys blasted away without missing a beat. When the setlist is included in the headline of the show, there really leaves little room for guessing what's next or much banter for the band. Mascis only spoke once to say "this is the power ballad song on the album" before launching into "Pond Song". Towering guitar riffs were taken to dizzying heights for "Let it Ride" and "Pond Song" and due to strained vocals suffered performing the last track on the first night, a lucky fan was invited to nail the powerful screams of "Don't". The encore consisted of a killer "Feel the Pain" and guest vocals from Fucked Up frontman Pink Eyes (they crushed the opening set) during the final song of the evening, a cover of Last Rights' "Chunks".

01. In a Jar
02. The Wagon
03. Freak Scene
04. No Bones
05. They Always Come
06. Yeah We Know
07. Let it Ride
08. Budge
09. Pond Song
10. The Post
11. Don't
12. Out There
13. Feel the Pain
14. Chunks (Last Rights Cover)

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