June 16, 2011

Atlas Sound played St. Ceceilia's


Massive layers of sound rippled through the sanctuary as Atlas Sound helped kick off the 2011 Northside Festival. Droning guitars and warped vocals combusted releasing waves of sonic textures over the pews as haunting shadows lurked behind Bradford Cox. A handful of new songs were mixed in with recent favorites. The segue of "Walkabout" -> "Shelia" was a particular highlight as was the epic shoegaze guitar swirling finale of "Attic Lights" which brought the main set to a close. The cavernous halls of the church allowed for the sound to really grab hold, however the restricted views and stiff pews provided a far from comfortable vantage point and the humid summer heat of New York did not do any favors. Bradford apologized for the lack of old material which he simply could not remember, but instead kicked off the encore with an improvised jam followed by another new track. While his presence in Deerhunter is felt in each song, when Cox is alone on stage his true audiophile traits rise to the surface showcasing a real genius at work.

*Thanks to Emily for the photo and company!

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