April 2, 2011

The Strokes played Madison Square Garden

For their first proper NYC show in way too fucking long, the Strokes took things to the next level by headlining the world's most famous arena, a modern day roman coliseum, or a really good place to see a game as put by Julian Casablancas. Despite some harsh claims on the band's most recent work, the Strokes plowed through hit after hit showcasing that they are still the crowned princes of New York City rock. Anthems of the aughts blasted through the speakers as the band proved that they still posses the power to hold a crowd in the palm of their hands. The spiraling Television style guitar work of Valensi and Hammond had the same raw intensity and power as when I first saw the band in 2003, and Julian's growls were as rough and tough as ever. Though just as cool as ever, they did not let the arena's boundaries prohibit them from connecting with the crowd. Julian sang "Juicebox" from the middle of the floor and was impressed that everyone else knew the words to "Under Cover of Darkness" better than him. Despite their still too cool for anything swagger and Julian's occasional slip up, the band still nailed every number like they've been playing these songs for the past five years. As the main set came to a close Julian thanked Elvis Costello for performing a three song opening set and claimed it would have been a much better idea to have him sing the last song, which Julian explained was intended to capture his influential sound, and apologized for not having that idea earlier. Well, we were all taken for fools as the band broke into one of the best moments of Angles and Costello did actually turn up to sing the rocking chorus. The band knew how to play to the hometown crowd powering through early favorites "Hard to Explain" "Last Nite" and "Someday" along with Room on Fire stand outs "Automatic Stop" and "Reptilia". As they hopefully kick start a true come back, the Strokes have picked off right where they left off. They will forever be rock and roll's kings of cool.

1. Is This It?
2. Reptilia
3. Under Cover of Darkness
4. Hard to Explain
5. Last Night
6. Life Is Simple In the Moonlight
7. Juicebox
8. Someday
9. You're So Right
10. Under Control
11. You Only Live Once
12. New York City Cops
13. Games
14. What Ever Happened?
15. Taken For a Fool (feat. Elvis Costello)
16. Ask Me Anything
17. The Modern Age
18. Gratisfaction
19. I Can't Win
20. Take It or Leave It

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