April 1, 2011

LCD Soundsystem played Terminal 5

For their last night at Terminal 5 (and 2nd to last show ever!), LCD Soundsystem certainly let their emotions run wild. Thanking the crowd numerous times for coming out to say goodbye and apologizing for not playing certain songs in years, James Murphy let his sensitive side shine through. For nearly three and a half hours, the band played as much of their discography as might of been humanly possible proving to be a true test of endurance by not only the crowd, but the band as well. The beyond epic performance was broken into three chunks, the middle section being 45:33 with "Sounds of Silver" thrown into the middle, and the rest of it was hit after hit. Turns out they do make hits indeed. Opening the show with the first two tracks of This Is Happening started off this insane dance party that would only halt for the occasional sensational ballad. When Murphy belted "To tell the truth / This could be the last time" a wave of sadness rushed over the crowd as many would indeed being hearing these numbers for the final time. However, the next lyrics "So here we go / Like a salesforce into the night" sparked a sensation that would carry throughout the rest of the evening. Suddenly everyone felt as if their were amongst their truest friends. For years Murphy has been claiming that he is losing his cool, yet no one young or old seems to be able to put on a show quite like him and his friends. If this truly is the end of this might band, then what a legacy it is they are leaving behind. Their entire career was accounted for tonight and it all felt as fresh as ever. The muscular guitar of "All I Want", the pulsating thumps of "Someone Great", the ferocious lists of "Losing My Edge", and the instant classic piano of "All My Friends" span such a range of emotions that are disastrously difficult to invoke in a crowd, yet tonight I was there. These emotions are only the kind one seems to get when someone great is gone.

1. Dance Yrself Clean
2. Drunk Girls
3. I Can Change
4. It's Time to Get Away
5. Get Innocuous
6. Daft Punk is Playing at My House
7. Too Much Love
8. All My Friends
9. 45:33 (Part One)
10. 45:33 (Part Two)
11. Sounds of Silver
12. 45:33 (Part Four)
13. 45:33 (Part Five)
14. 45:33 (Part Six)
15. Freak Out/Starry Eyes
16. Us v. Them
17. North American Scum
18. You Wanted a Hit
19. Tribulations
20. Movement
21. Yeah
22. Someone Great
23. Losing My Edge
24. Home
25. All I Want
26. Jump Into the Fire (Harry Nilsson cover)
27. New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

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