September 26, 2010

Headless Horsemen / Crocodiles played Glasslands

Although plagued by equipment failure and the debut performance by Headless Horsemen showed nothing but promise from the young duo. The post-rock/lo-fi inspired sound displayed the knowledge and skill behind this songwriting pair. Perhaps more at home in a recording studio, or under the embrace of headphones, the mesh of textured sounds and focused thought throughout each number showed large aspirations of great things to come.

As San Diego noise rockers Crocodiles took to Glasslands on Saturday night, I was greatly surprised upon first impression. The clean cut greaser punk and Clash inspired demeanor juxtaposed the harsh noise-pop/post-punk sound imposed by the expanded quintet. Based off the dense sound layers and heavy bass on Summer of Hate and their recent, just as exhilarating, record Sleep Forever the polished appearance did not seem to coincide with the intensity pumped through the speakers. While the Jesus and Mary Chain influences lashed out in every song, the band failed to acknowledge their crowd and plowed through their set with such fervor it appeared as if they were simply at work. Despite a lack of connection, each song sounded spot on and was met with the highest approval of the night.

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