September 29, 2010

Deerhunter played the Apple Store in SoHo

Record release days don't have too much importance these days, so to mark the release of their gorgeous new album Halcyon Digest, Deerhunter played an intimate free show in Apple's SoHo store as some additional promotion. The set list consisted mostly of new songs which sounded epic in comparison to their recorded quality in the tiny space and the band played probably the best show I have seen in the store. While calling any Deerhunter song light is by no means accurate, the new album refrains from the harsher tones of previous tracks, especially those found on Cryptograms and earlier work. The opening medley of "Desire Lines" into "Hazel Street" was excellent and "Helicopter" sent waves of sound penetrating through the audience at exceptional volumes considering the event was happening in a retail store. While all of the songs sounded fantastic and left a hankering to see the band play a full set with material from all of their releases, the closing number "He Would Have Laughed" was simply spectacular. The dreamscape nature of each song sounded so much more full live and really displayed the raw talent of Bradford Cox and company as the band was able to add some extra jams in each number, really showcasing that these guys are capable of mixing so many genres into each song.

Desire Lines -> Hazel Street
Don't Cry
Fountain Stairs
Rainwater Cassette Exchange
He Would Have Laughed

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