May 8, 2010

Beach House played Webster Hall

Summer finally hit New York City this past week just in time for a night of hazy pop music. Chillwave outfit Washed Out kicked things off with his bass heavy fuzz jams recalling 90s beats and lo-fi swirling vocals. The muddy choppy sounds were a fitting start to the majestic sounds that Beach House would soon deliver. As the opening sounds of "Walk in the Park" resonated through Webster Hall it was clear that the band had descended from the heavens and brought their silvery sparkled moon rock set with them. The drizzling guitar put the hall in a trance completely under the control of Victoria Legrand's booming cosmic voice. Of course certain numbers were the highlights of the evening, the set list comprised all of Teen Dreams. While all three albums were represented it was the new tunes that rocked Victoria onto the floor. We were even treated to the debut of a new song called "White Moon." The show was droning and melodic, but by the time "10 Mile Stereo" was ringing out the night, I had been won over. Everything from "Gila" to "Master of None" to Take Care" was brilliant; each a simple sun-drenched pop song.

Walk in the Park
Lover of Mine
Better Times
Silver Soul
Master of None
White Moon (new song)
Used to Be
Heart of Chambers
Take Care
Real Love
10 Miles Stereo

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