April 29, 2010

Interpol - "Lights"

At the beginning of the past decade it looked like Interpol was going to be the next big thing along the lines of The Strokes and The White Stripes. They were a bass booming band from New York and the guy sounded like Ian Curtis. Then things went a little sour. People didn't really like Antics as much as me, and their third release, Our Love to Admire, was when they really dropped the ball. But hey I'm never one to count someone out and the band stated at the end of last year that their next album was going back to the sound of Turn On the Bright Lights. Well the first song, entitled "Lights", is up for grabs on the band's site and by the sound of things (heavy bass and reverb) they are moving in a backward step (that's a good thing BTW). Here is to hoping the album follows through with that promise!

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