February 27, 2010

A Sunny Day in Glasgow played Mercury Lounge

This past week had been one of the worst weather related weeks I have ever experienced in this city. Wind, rain, snow, freezing temperatures all peaked throughout the week so I decided to cap it all off with a late night performance by A Sunny Day in Glasgow. Franny and I head to the Mercury Lounge around 11:30 to catch these guys after braving the tundra of Manhattan. The dreamy shoegaze sound blasted through the speakers and invaded the small club with such power that it swallowed the crowd. The lush soundscapey textures combined delayed droning guitar, hazy electronica, and tremendous female harmonies recalling the 90's sound of the Cranberries. The band packed the set list with jams from both albums as well as a few new ones. Although they had to over come so tour opening technical difficulties the band still powered through giving each song full rich sound.

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