August 28, 2009

Ariel Lask played Kenny's Castaway

When I moved to New York four years ago I thought I would be seeing friends play shows all over the city all the time. However, as time has progressed that has turned out to not be the case. I've seen select shows by people I am friends with, but instead many by signed artists. Last night I joined my roommate in heading downtown to see one of our friends play an intimate gig on Bleeker. Despite the terrible band that went on before, the evening was great. Ariel Lask played her folk-pop tunes to a non-inviting audience, but powered through the show with a smile. The songs about love, living abroad, and discovering yourself were complimented by her low voice that was rather reminiscent of the recent British Pop sensation Adele, but you know... better. While the atmosphere was not up to par with letting Lask shine through, she held her own and joked along the entire set. The simple songs were in stark contrast to the metal act on before her, yet she was able to captivate her audience and capture the mood of a final Thursday evening in New York City.


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