January 24, 2018

Hop Along - "How Simple"

Hop Along have announced their latest record Bark Your Head Off, Dog and shared the lead single "How Simple." The record's out April 6 via Saddle Creek.

The first taste from Hop Along's latest sound much like you'd expect from the Philly quartet. A solid rhythm section, power-pop riffs, a catchy chorus, and Francis Quinlan's iconic vocals. As is most often the case, her voice is the official stamp on the track and by far the band's best quality. Speaking of the band's work, Quinlan said “people romanticize the idea of finding themselves, but when they do, at least in my experience, it can be really difficult. You see how you fail others and how others fail you.” There are no surprising twists or turns on this song, but rather it acts as another notch in the band's excellent catalogue.

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