June 26, 2014

White Lung played St. Vitus

Like a shot of adrenaline to the heart, White Lung jolted St. Vitus for the record release of Deep Fantasy and waisted no time hitting hard with their snarling brand of bright punk. Lead by the fearless Mish Way, the quartet unleashed a high octane performance that stopped for nothing and never fluttered. From the second the band dove into their set, blistering guitar blazed over muddy bass lines, all of which were contained by Way's supreme force. Snappy calls to the crowd saw her true rock star leadership shine through while the comfort and poise on display were worthy of MTV's golden alternative era. She was in prime fashion. Posed and ready to strike, her prescience worthy or all the band's recent hype. In a time when the idea of a rock star is fleeting, she is doing everything in her power to prove she has what it takes to destroy those thoughts. Fierce gestures dictated to the crowd just as a bit broke out, only to set the intensity levels to a new high and just as things seemed ready to snap out of control, Way reeled the crowd back in under perfect command. Even with their searing guitar and blasting drums, it's not hard to imagine White Lung soon hitting larger spaces. With heavy hooks and chugging melodies, they bite hard enough but never quite break the skin. Then, just like all highs, it was over. "This is our last song" called Way and as soon as it wrapped, the band were off stage. Their statement was made and they were already on to their next thing, no time to waste.

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