January 12, 2014

Autre Ne Veut played 285 Kent

"If you feel like you have to take a dump, might be a good idea to do that at home." So read the email before one of the final shows at Williamsburg's infamous 285 Kent. Since 2010, the space has been one of the most important and ground breaking venues in Brooklyn's D.I.Y. scene. Thanks to everyone who put on some amazing shows that I'll never forget.

As the jingling keystrokes of "Play by Play" began to sweep over the room, bodies swayed and high powered grooves were set in motion. The soul-crushing song towered above the crowd sounding more massive than ever before and by the time the larger-than-life chorus climaxed the energy hit a high powerful enough it seemed to blow the roof off before 285 Kent could even say it's final goodbye. The sound was as smooth as D'Angelo with the intensity of a Prince arena anthem, the guitar lines were like silk and the percussion breathed heavy fire. The sultry blend of R&B with heavy synth-pop undertones exploded in the room as each song dropped in with such fierce and crippling dynamics that each track sounded as if it were blossoming for the first time. "Ego Free Sex Free" stormed in just before the peak of the evening obliterating the crowd once again with a super-sized chorus that proved this man is on a level all his own. Ashin climbed atop a set of speaker to do his best Tyler, the Creater impression as he gently swung from the rafters to belt out a heartfelt and poignant "Gonna Die". He teased a goodbye as he finished a supreme "World War" just before erupting into the outer-worldly "Counting" which he completed with Mykki Blanco's bombastic rap over the finale. The strength and raw appeal made these songs take on a new identity that made not only for such perfect ending to the legendary venue, but with only two weeks into the new year, Autre Ne Veut has set the bar for live shows very high.

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