December 12, 2013

Mikal Cronin played Webster Hall

Following years of life on the sidelines as Ty Segall's bass player, 2013 proved to be an exceptional breakout year for Mikal Cronin. His stellar sophomore record, MCII, has gained a mass of critical reception and has established him as an excellent songwriter and guitar player on his own terms. The laid back California-cool vibes of Cronin and his merry band of long-haired rockers came across with scorching swells of fuzzed out guitar bliss. Power-pop hooks and garage-punk riffs were married in an all out dazzling fashion as the band blazed through their set all the while looking at total ease. Mikal stayed in firm control of the band, taking the reins and keeping the others from going into overdrive on some extend jams and cemented his ability as not only a solid guitar player, but also a fantastic front-man as well. Shout along choruses filled the room as hair went flying onstage and guitars melted into feedback before bursting into dizzying solos that would make their San Francisco elders proud. It's easy to picture these dudes cruising around town, sunglasses firmly in place, catching rays, and partying on into the sunset while these killer tunes blast through the speakers. And tonight, for just a moment, they were able to carry the crowd out of a fierce New York winter and transplant them directly into the sunlight.

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