February 18, 2012

Sleigh Bells played Terminal 5

Bros were out in full force for Sleigh Bells' biggest headlining show to date in New York last night. Backed with a full wall of Marshall stacks, Derek and Alexis kicked things off with the first two tracks from Reign of Terror before blasting into "Riot Rhythm" which sparked a powder keg of energy that propelled vivacity through the crowd that would not let up until the show ended. Alexis' vocals soared to new heights and even were able to overpower Derek's metal/post-hardcore riffs which were intensified by the addition of a second guitarist backing the duo onstage. While newer tracks fell a little flat, save for singles "Born to Lose" and "Comeback Kid", dance anthems "A/B Machines", "Tell 'Em", and a superb "Infinity Guitars" ignited the crowd and with the help of some blinding strobes and demonstrated that Sleigh Bells' noise-pop attitude is not something to be taken slightly and the duo can certainly hold their own amongst the bigger names of the electronica/dance scene. Despite a less than impressive stage presence, the quality of the songs and enthusiasm from the crowd made it clear that this was more of an experience than a show. Alexis dove into a jubilant crowd to start the encore with a dynamite version of "Rill Rill" and ended the night with a head-banging rendition of "Crown on the Ground". However even as the band left the stage and the house lights came on, the late Whitney Houston's "Dance with Somebody" came over the speakers and continued the dance party for just one more song. Even if the tribute to the late diva was not intentional, it seemed like a fitting end to the evening.

01 Shred Guitar
02 Born to Lose
03 Riot Rhythm
04 A/B Machines
05 Kids
06 End of the Line
07 Comeback Kid
08 Tell 'Em
09 Leader of the Pack
10 Straight A's
11 Treats
12 Infinity Guitars
13 Rill Rill
14 Demons
15 Crown on the Ground

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