August 22, 2011

IceAge played Secret Project Robot

Torrential downpour could not keep the punks away from IceAge's second of three shows in New York this weekend. After making their U.S. debut roughly two months ago and scoring critical acclaim for their self-titled debut album, the danish quartet blasted through their headlining set this evening with sheer power and attitude one would expect from a veteran act, not one where all members are under the age of twenty-three. The power and fury displayed by these youngsters fit aptly with the DIY setting and certainly met all expectations given their recent rise in popularity. Considering their album does not even clock it at thirty minutes, the band kept the set short and sweet and pounded through song after song barely giving anyone a second to breath. In a scene that is still not widely accepted or given a listen, the fact that these young men have gained such attention in a relatively short period demonstrates that given the right mood and setting, punk can certainly be something more attainable then most would care to admit. These brash songs rifled through the crowd and sent captive listeners into a mere frenzy. Then just like the album it was over before you knew what had hit you. As people filed out and back into the streets, it was apparent that no one could really comprehend what had happened. Some were in awe and some could not believe it was so quick. But no matter what the reaction was, people knew something big had just occurred and something even bigger could be on the horizon.

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