March 19, 2011

Godspeed You! Black Emperor played Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Brooklyn Masonic Temple - 3/16/2011 from Francesco Marchione on Vimeo.

It began with a stage shrouded in darkness. A small red glow and the flicker of the projectors ushered in the band members, one by one, as a slow rumbling began to pour out of the speakers. As the ensemble broke into their set, terrifying drones played underneath flashes of the word 'hope' and slowly these sprawling orchestrations erupted in monstrous form. These post-rock titans built towering swells of sound that would climax in ear splitting and body melting pinnacles before returning to calm yet gloomy arrangements. Without ever speaking a word, the band established a presence that commanded pure silence and devotion from everyone in attendance. Hiding themselves in shadows the band let the music speak for itself demanding not only attention during long exhilarating crescendos, but also demanding the endurance to withstand the pure intensity that came with each mountainous wave of sonic blasts concocted by the group. While listening to the band in an intimate private setting can prove to be a truly pleasurable experience, the raw impact of seeing this illustrious sound performed in front of a devoted crowd can only compare with few other live acts.

Hope Drone
Gathering Storm
Chart #3
World Police and Friendly Fire
Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls

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