January 22, 2011

Headless Horseman played Cameo Gallery

Halloween glitch-pop duo shared the bill last night as part of a Stadiums and Shrines showcase at Cameo Gallery. The performance last night was light years ahead of their debut show this past summer at Glasslands and are fully geared up for their residency at Pianos every Friday of February. The pair paid homage to thier direct influences mixing the post-rock build ups of Sigur Ros with the electronic frenzy of Aphex Twin and the lo-fi stylings of the Microphones. Connor and Fareed stand face-to-face along a row of drums and various objects as they pound away to pre-recorded loops and shrunken vocals allowing for an intimate exchange of vocals through cleverly arranged electronic blips and reverb. Chirps and Tweets were washed over fuzzy guitars and erratic beats. Steady pre-recorded sound collages allowed for smooth transitions between songs, something that definitely plagued the group in the past, and allowed for witty banter as the two switched between taped together acoustic and electric guitars.

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