December 18, 2010

Twin Sister played a Holiday Show

For their final outing of 2010, Twin Sister curated a holiday party at Live with Animals. While sound problems and technical delays plagued the early bands in the evening, things finally clicked when Twin Sister took the stage. The band seemed in an especially jolly mood for this performance; Andrea dressed as a snowflake which she felt too highly resembled Lady Gaga, but was cute none the less. Their dreamy sound echoed through the space with favorites "Milk and Honey" and "Lady Daydream" however it was an old version of "Dry Hump" that really made the evening special. The band announced that some theses songs were being played live for the last time as they launched into the highlights of the night "I Want a House" and the always sensational "Ginger". They finished up the main set with song of the year candidate "All Around and Away We Go" before kicking the holiday theme into high gear with a surprising cover of Paul McCartney's whimsical "Wonderful Christmas Time". While it seemed that earlier in the evening bands were having trouble adjusting to the space, Twin Sister's sound translated just as well as their last show at Webster Hall with the guitars and synths washing over the crowd with elaborated holiday cheer.

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