November 19, 2010

Cults/Twin Sister/The Morning Benders played Webster Hall

Webster hall was in a bit of a frenzy tonight for the final stop on the Morning Benders massive tour in support of their excellent album Big Echo. Rising retro pop act Cults kicked off the evening with an all too short set (although they have yet to even release an E.P.) of throw-back wall of sound Phil Spector inspired pop jams that show nothing but promise. With a full length in the works for 2011, it is only a matter of time before the infectious surf riffs and soulful lead vocals really gain attention. Again the inadequate audio system at Webster plagued the group and an early start time of 7:00 did not allow for much of a show, but the group still managed to keep people bopping along.
Twin Sister brought the crowd towards the constellations for their stunning psychedelic dream-pop performance. Andrea Estella's hushed breathy vocals floated over the crowd while dripping guitar licks were blended with droned electronics putting the audience into a stellar daze. Stand out tracks "Ginger" "I Want a House "Lady Daydream" and set closer "All Around and Away We Go" were dazzling and rich of texture.
The Morning Benders played perhaps one of the most polished shows I have ever seen at Webster Hall. Their classic pop jems were drenched with reverb and echoed early sounds of the 1960s. Despite their intrinsic approach to blissful melodies, the quartet were able to generate a huge sound that rang through the hall. In the middle of their set they announced a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" which inspired an full on sing-a-long including guest vocals by Estella of Twin Sister. However it was the final song, a rousing rendition of "Excuses" that really clinched the night.

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