August 4, 2010

Dead Weather played Prospect Park

Not too many people would have the audacity to walk on stage, blow torch in hand, and proceed to light their front woman's cigarette. Then again, not everyone is Jack White. The Dead Weather was in full force from the moment they graced the stage. The all-black-everything entourage attacked the stage with pristine white guitars that were used as battle axes as they attacked the stage with their raw sound. Alison Mosshart prowled the stage taking complete command of each song as White's drumming thundered between wails on guitar and tight thumping bass. Song after song pummeled the crowd, showing that their strong suit really is in the live performance, as the set built to the electrifying "Will There Be Enough Water?" Once Mr. White strapped on his six string there was no turning back. He ripped through the track while sharing lead vocal duties and microphone battles with Mosshart. Despite being behind a kit instead of his usual lead, White still ran the show, top hat, feather, and all. His fills on the skins were pulsating all evening however, on both the occasions he took duty on guitar his true talent was unveiled. Few have been as productive as Jack White in this past decade and while I still believe that neither of his recent projects have matched the brilliance of the White Stripes, the Dead Weather truly earned much respect last night.

1. 60 Feet Tall
2. Hang You From The Heavens
3. You Just Can't Win (Van Morrison cover)
4. So Far From Your Weapon
5. I Cut Like A Buffalo
6. No Horse
7. The Difference Between Us
8. I'm Mad
9. Rocking Horse
10. Hustle and Cuss
11. Die By The Drop
12. New Pony (Dylan cover)
13. Will There Be Enough Water?
14. Forever My Queen
15. Blue Blood Blues
16. I Can't Hear You
17. Treat Me Like Your Mother

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